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Psychology Session

About Me


Hi! I'm Rahni Davies

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a licensed psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Marital and Family Therapy. I have served the Los Angeles County community in a variety of health and family service agencies and in my own private practice for the past 16 years. I use a unique approach of warmth, humor combined with clinical hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to empower my clients to support my clients achieve the life that they want and deserve. I believe in empowering through hypnotherapy, working together to harness their unique strengths, true potential and soar the mountain of success.

The use of Hypnosis and Coaching is customized to meet each client’s needs. Having once been a Hypnotherapist’s client myself, I know first-hand how life-changing hypnotherapy can be. The changes I experienced in my own life were so remarkable that I decided that I need to share hypnotherapy with others. I first found hypnosis when I went back to college to become a psychotherapist. I suffered severe test anxiety, especially in math exams. I needed to pass statistics with a certain percentage in order to move forward with my degree. I failed the class twice due to completely blanking out due to stress during the exams.

I went to a hypnotist and after just one session there was a huge shift. I went back again to get help with public speaking phobia and my ADHD. I was sold on hypnosis. I eventually went on to become a Certified Master Hypnotist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. I am certified in Hypnosis for ADHD and Hypnosis for Children. Since I first discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy I have been fascinated by the results and, since I have been a hypnotherapist myself, I have seen miraculous changes in my cl​ients, as well.

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