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Self-Confidence & Life Coaching


Self-Confidence & Life Coaching

Using hypnosis for self confidence trains you to use your imagination to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.


"I  feel like Im just not good enough"

"I don't have what it takes"

"I can't win"

I've heard these words or variations of them, thousands of times, from children, teens and adults.  These kinds of sentiments express a sense of low self-esteem which is really a lack of confidence in the total self, who you are as a person. Some people have feelings of self doubt in a specific area and others have just all around low confidence. When we over think and imagine how other people see us we risk joining the self-doubt and low confidence hamster wheel. We imagine the worst , that makes us feel worse and then we are no longer living up to our true potential. Hypnosis takes us off of the wheel and back into our best self. Hypnosis can change thought patterns that are sabotaging your self -esteem and allow you to harness the power of your subconscious mind to find peace, confidence , self-love and success. Good self confidence isn't the polar opposite to low self confidence.

When we're low in confidence we tend to imagine all sorts of stuff about ourselves and how we might seem to others. But when we have healthy self confidence we tend to focus outward more and not think about ourselves so much because we don't have too! What a relief! You can never be sure before you do something that 'everything is going to be OK'. But then why do you need to when you have the feeling that whatever happens I'll be okay.

  • But you can trust yourself that you'll do your best.

  • And you can accept the possibility that you'll surprise yourself.

  • And you can concentrate on relaxing so that your unconscious mind can help you.

  • Hypnosis for life coaching or Hypno-Coaching

Hypnosis is used in life coaching after a consultation, to recognize and address any blocks, bad habits or deep seated negative beliefs. Once these are identified we can move forward, achieve specific goals or just enhance the everyday life. Change your mindset, change your life! You have the most amazing brilliant computer and its called your brain! Nothing so far has duplicated the power of the subconscious mind, Hypnosis coaching and counseling can help through all of life's transitions, challenges and achieve your dreams! Soar to Success in every area of your life. If someone is lacking in confidence about something they want to do but have never done before we use hypnosis to:

  • Help them relax with the uncertainty of trying something new.

  • Have them hypnotically rehearse the situation in their minds so that when they come to do it for real it feels as though they have done it successfully before.

Once we tap into the part of a person that knows how to be instinctively self assured then progress is often rapid and powerful. Typically people say that they "don't know why but they just now feel much more confident, more clear and focused". Once you start to gain confidence in one place it will often happily ripple out to enhance all kinds of areas of your life

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