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Test Anxiety & Academic Performance


Test Anxiety & Academic Performance

Do You Suffer from academic or test anxiety? If you do, you're not alone! Most of us experience some slight anxiety when it comes to test taking and that is completely normal. Some of us experience debilitating anxiety when it comes to academic tests or projects.


Main causes of academic anxiety:


Intense fear of failure: Pressure to succeed is so great that the panic sets in. This is portrayed physically by a racing heartbeat, sweating, or difficulty breathing.


Inability to recall the information studied: Many students study but on the day of the exam, where did all the info go? Some second guess themselves and some just draw a complete blank.


The biochemical reaction due to the intense pressure a student places on themself causes all the above symptoms.

With hypnotherapy you can overcome your academic anxiety. Telling your subconscious mind a different story allows you to see yourself being successful while taking your exam. It also helps you retain everything you studied; all while feeling cool, calm, and collected.

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